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Amerika is the Land of Free Dumb  

Free your mind here, Verify everything. Test everything!

Russ Dizdar's web site  murdered Oct. 2021 but his site remains

World Net Daily News


The Drudge Report

Paul Craig Roberts - Once in the Government now says They Are Mad!

Mass Resistance fighting back

Pastor Butch Paw has Fauci admitting masks don't work

Get rid of Facebook try Gab

Dr. Martin proves Pfizer patented covid back in 2008

Dr Robert Malone invented the Gene therapy called covid vaccine interviewed by Joe Rogen 

Educate Yourself about the New World Order here at one of the BEST sites on the net

Hour of the time Bill Coopers old site

Those of you that listen to liars like Q Read Fritz Springmeirs books for Free

Too Long in the Sun - sungod worship in the church?

9/11 Audio files, Fire department reports bombs going off

Fema laws and your lack of rights

Go to the Encyclopedia not Wikipedia

A good search engine Dogpile

My old site with some great links

BLM is an abbreviation for BoweL Movement
Founded by Anti American Communist, gay, witches white haters
that took donations and now live in white neighborhoods

A wise man is strong; yea, a man of knowledge increaseth strength.
Proverbs 24:5

If you want to talk to me about the New World Order,

you must first listen to all of the mp3 files on this link below

I am sick and tired of talking to ignorant men that have watched

a few video's on 'you tube' and really know nothing at all.

It is time to leave this country if you can, it can't be saved. Race war, Civil war, World war. amerika losses

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A link to Bill Coopers Mystery Babylon series

Trump won in 2020. Then the coup. There has been a Coup in the USA.
 And all most Americans can do is stare at the TV like a cow stares at a new gate.
Prepare for hell on earth, revolution! Pain and Suffering

Why didn't any of your pastors tell you a lock down was coming?
It's because they have no gift of prophecy. The blind leading the blind.

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